A Little Potty Humor While Reading…

Original Post Date : February 13, 2014 via Facebook

I was reading a Dr. Seuss book to Roman and Micah but they started interrupting me and finishing every sentence with “poop” and laughing hysterically. After the first few times, I told them they needed to stop saying “poop”. They reluctantly agreed, and Micah asked if he could pick the next story for us to read after the Dr. Seuss book was over. I said yes. So Micah gave Roman a big grin, and I didn’t understand why. We eventually finished Dr. Seuss and Micah ran to grab his pick. He handed me Winnie the Pooh. After I read the first sentence, I understood why he picked it. “It was a gray day in The Hundred Acre Wood, but Pooh and his friends didn’t mind.” As soon as I said, “Pooh” they both lost their minds laughing. I couldn’t help laughing myself, not at their disgusting toilet humor, but at Micah’s cleverness. Life with boys… They’re so gross, but they’re mine and I love them!